There’s only one thing I truly hate and that’s cancer. I hope they find a cure soon and more people survive. To save millions of people from going through what my mum went through would be the greatest feeling ever known. How could you take my mum away from me. How can you do this endlessly night and day to people all over the globe. It’s not fair how people’s lives are taken away from them and there’s nothing we can do. I hate remembering all the last memories of my mum when she was unwell and suffering. There’s no way to describe how devastating and heart breaking it is to watch someone you love become so ill and all you wanna do is make it all go away and make sure their better again but you can only feel helpless and angry towards this evil disease. When my mum thought she was getting better and had survived cancer, you gave her false hope and came back. Why did you do that? You broke me to say the least. I still remember when the nurse told me my mum wasn’t going to get better and how I broke down in tears. I was only 8 at the time and didn’t understand what was going on. What this disease was. I wish I never left her bedside that night and I wish I never went to sleep. I wish I told her how much I loved her and that she was the most amazing mum in the world. Cancer can fuck off now. We have all had enough of you taking our friends or family and it’s time you go away. We don’t wanna hear about you again. We don’t wanna think as soon as we hear the word cancer, someone’s life will be taken. Just fuck off. No one wants you. We’ll beat cancer one day.